Cars are indispensable from running a business and doing errands, to taking a relaxing holiday or even taking the kids to school. Cars have become a critical component of daily living whether for just a short period or as part of everyday activities.


For those wishing to use over a long period of time, car rentals can be ideal.

Radise Car Rental offers a wide range of premium cars such as BMW, Mercedes Benz, Volkswagen, Toyota, Honda, Nissan, and more.




Radise Car Rental is committed to providing a full range of unmatched service standards, competitive rates and professionalism by meeting the demands of customers. Qualified and service-minded staff await customers at all branches, to provide the following wide range of services:




Daily Rental - 1 to 6 days

Weekly Rental - 1 to 3 weeks

Monthly Rental - 1 to 11 months

Long Term Rental - 1 to 5 years with option to buy


Chauffeur Driven Service:


Daily Service - 10 hours

Per-Hour Service - minimum 3 hours


Limousine Services


"We are founded in response to the needs of the fast growing automobile sector. Radise Car Rental provides the complete range of car rental services to suit the diverse needs of customers." 


At Radise various rental support services are also prepared for customers, including 24-hour emergency roadside assistance. Technicians are also available around the clock to give advice on minor car problems that can be resolved the roadside.

Other services include renewal of vehicle registration, a full maintenance program, first-class collision and personal insurance, delivery and collection, on-line reservations, car replacements, membership privilege.




- Unlimited Mileage

- Car Replacement 

- Online Reservation

- Local Maps & Magazine

- 24 hour Roadside Service

- Full Maintenance Program

- Free Delivery & Collection

- Global Positioning System


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